YATS – Here comes Endless Tiled Maps

YATS v0.2 is now available for download! If you’ve already got YATS, go into your account page and view your orders to find the new download link.

What’s new?

We really wanted to use YATS for all sort of purposes. Its aim has always been to be as flexible as possible, leaving the whole Corona experience intact, letting you use it as you would use any other display object.
Several time we needed solution to make endless scrolling games with, especially, endless scrolling backgrounds. YATS now fully support optional wrapping around the X and/or Y axis.
This means that you will be able to build a long, complex background or level in Tiled, and make it endless. When you reach the end of it, it will just seamlessly start back.

We’ve also improved the main algorithm, and prepared YATS for the implementation of our particular tile get/set properties system. And last, you can now scale up or down your maps without any issue, at any possible time.

Check out these video to see the new features in action. They’re both running on an iPhone 4, with two maps loaded. One is a 500×500 tiles map, the other is a 60×20 tiles map, both wrapping around the X axis.

You can get YATS here