Chartboost Troubles on iOS and a new Corona Ad Mediator

As of Corona SDK Build 2014.2169, Chartboost stopped working on iOS devices.
Be aware, everything looks fine. Ads will display just as they did before, but installs won’t be registered, which means that you won’t get any revenue.

That’s sad news, but there’s still hope. First of all, this doesn’t affect Chartboost on Android in the least. Everything will keep running fine there.
Also, if you use a Corona SDK build prior to 2014.2169, you will also have no problems whatsoever. So this might be a non-issue for the time being.

But if you really need to use one of the latest Corona SDK builds (and if you are at least a Corona Basic subscriber), then look no further than the Chartboost Plugin from the amazing guys at Gremlin Interactive, and for the one-time price of 30$ it’ll wash all your worries away.

Hopefully CoronaLabs will find some time to reimplement the IDFA call in a plugin available to everyone, but in the meantime we’re fortunately not out of options (;

As somewhat of a side note, we’re almost done with a series of improvements to our current adsLib (available through all our templates), which is now basically a whole different beast.
You’ll be able to choose more than one ads provider for banner and interstitials. You can choose a fall back provider for each one of them and easily decide on which provider should get the most priority out of the bunch, either by randomizing it, giving each one a specific chance to appear, or using a certain order. These settings can also be different for each ad you will display, as long as you specify an ID for it.

For those who wish it, you can also specify an URL to retrieve the latest settings you wish to use, no need to send an app update just for that.

If you want to see a specific ad provider included, this is the right time to contact us !

You can expect it for this week, together with 2 brand new templates.