Swing Copters Template V1.0 Now Available To All Our Members

We’re pleased to announce the release of the Swing Copters Template for Corona SDK.

Featuring everything you need to reproduce one of the most recent mobile hits, it includes our new Ad Mediator library (supporting Admob, Revmob, Chartboost, Playhaven, TapforTap and iAds), the ability to add new backgrounds and characters (not just color changes, but entirely new assets can be chosen) and a ton of parameters that will allow you to have full control over the final product, wether you’d like to make it easier or even harder!

The Swing Copters Template is available as part of the 3 Days Early Access that benefits all our Members. Become a Member to get access to 12 top source codes for less than 11$ each, plus a 25% discount on all our Reskin Services.