Swipe Arrows Template V1.0 Available to all our Members


Here’s another awesome mobile hit, Swipe Arrows. The aim of the game is to keep swiping in the direction of the arrows, with the exception of the striped arrows, that require a swipe in the opposite direction.
It’s a quick pick up and play game, easy to grasp but hard to master, and it’s now available for all our Members thanks to the 3 days early access.
As always, it comes packed with everything you need: our new adsLib V2 supporting Chartboost, PlayHaven, AdMob, iAds, RevMob and TapForTap, online leaderboards (for all 3 game modes!) within Game Center and Google Play Game Services, and social share through Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text.

Get it now together with 12 other top source codes at less than 10$ each by becoming a Member. The membership can be cancelled at any moment, and you can still upload to the stores and useĀ each source code you downloaded.