No One Dies (Make Them Jump) Template V1.0 Available to Members

August ends with our latest source code, the No One Dies (also know as Make Them Jump) Template! Despite its looks, you can change the entire game assets. Each obstacle can be a different, specific image, same for the ground that “separates” each character. You can add multiple characters and set specific requirements to unlock them (for example, last at least 50 seconds in Inferno difficulty!). 4 different difficulties, from Normal all the way to Inferno, and 4 different online leaderboards. As always, our very own adsLib V2 is included for ad mediation fun with Chartboost, PlayHaven, AdMob, TapForTap, iAds and RevMob., and the ability to share through Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text.

This source code will be available to everyone 3 days from now. Become a Member and get your hands on this and 13 more source codes immediately (as part of the 3 day early access benefit) for less than 9$ each.