adsLib, Corona SDK Libraries and free source code updates!

We’ve previously announced it in our newsletter, and now it’s here: a Corona SDK Libraries section in our store.
The first product we’re featuring is one that most of you are already familiar with, the Ads Mediator adsLib. It’s the exact same library that you can find in all our templates, except now updated with 5 more ads providers, including inMobi, Inner-Active, AdBuddiz, Vungle and the Gremlin Interactive version of the Chartboost plugin. The only difference is that this product is going to be updated more often than the one contained inside our templates, which will be updated every time we release a new update for that specific template.

You can check it out here.

We’re also pushing out new updates for all our templates, starting with Flappy Bird, Don’t Touch the Spikes and Swipe the Arrows.
All have now a remove ads option (complete with a restore iAp button) that can toggled on and off easily. They all come with the new adsLib version, which includes the above mentioned 5 new providers, for a total of 11 ads providers, and each one of them has specific new gameplay features that I’m sure will make the players happy!

You can check out the new updates in the videos below, and don’t forget to head to the product pages to check out what’s new!