New round of Source Code updates!

Little by little, we’re moving all our templates to Composer, adding Remove Ads and Restore iAP to all of them, plus a few more specific features for some specific ones.

This time it’s the turn of 2048 and Advanced Run & Jump.

The 2048 Template now includes a “you won” screen that appears when the user reaches a particular tile (default is the 2048 tile). You can also specify different grids for your users to play with. At each new game, your users will be prompt to choose one, and each one has its own online leaderboard. It was also brought to Composer, and includes the Remove Ads and Restore iAP features. It now also supports images for the tiles out of the box!

The Advanced Run & Jump Template now benefits from a cleaner and more organized solution for spritesheets. We included a folder with the single png for each sheet which should make it way easier to reskin. Also, it was ported to Composer, includes Remove Ads and Restore iAP, and infinite unlockable characters! You can set an unlimited amount of characters to be unlocked with coins, directly purchasable in the shop page. Each character has it’s own menu and game over animations as well. You can also activate a second jump option directly in the code. You can allow for 2, 3, 4, unlimited multiple jumps by just changing 1 variable.

Both templates now benefit of the latest update of adsLib. Talking about adsLib, a new version is out, that fixes a few bugs encountered by some of you! A specific changeLog is included in the downloadable package.

Here’s a few videos of the updates:





  1. Any idea when the Composer refactoring for Flappy Fall will be available?

    • Should get out near the end of the week, Thursday/Friday (;

      • Awesome! Thanks a lot :)

      • Any news on that? Seems there is no update yet (It will be a newer version number than 1.01 I suppose and available in my downloads automatically?)

        • Hi Marco,
          the new version is up and ready to be downloaded (; It includes a remove ads feature and it’s all in composer now. Version 1.02.

          • Great! Thanks a lot!