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We’re alive and kicking!

Hi Everyone!
It’s been a very long time since the last blog post, and I know a lot of you have been worried about the future of our services at Ragdog Studios SRLS.
We’ve released our last source codes in February, and from there nothing else.
A few rough months, a couple of important projects to meet up bills, and our time became less and less. I’m just giving everyone a heads up now: things are going back to normal.
In the upcoming weeks, we’re going to release several source codes to make up for it, and we’re getting back to it with new ideas and plans to make your stay even more enjoyable.
You’ll get your 12 source codes per year, and we’ll soon start by introducing Unity 5 source codes along side our Corona SDK existing ones.

As always, for custom projects, reskins, or custom features in our existing codes, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay tuned, you’ll be in for a treat (;

The Circle Template available to all Members!

Here comes our second template of November. The Circle Template challenges your users with a one-touch easy to learn hard to master gameplay. The objective of the game is to keep the circle from touching the black line, by tapping on the screen.
Like all our other templates, it comes packed with the latest adsLib version, and it’s highly customizable.

Get it now, together with our other 21 full game source codes and a 25% discount on all our services! Become a Member Now!
Stay tuned for our 3rd template of November, coming in the next few hours!

4 Pics 1 Word Available to Members!

We’ve released our first template of November: 4 Pics 1 Word.
In this game, the user has to guess the correct word represented by the 4 images that appear on screen. He can also “cheat” his way around it by revealing some letters or removing wrong letters from the ones he can pick. Using in-game coins, of course!
4 Pics 1 Word is already available to all our Members!

Impossible Rush and The Four are also available now to everyone!
Become a Member now to get ALL our 21 full game source code, adsLib V2, and a 25% discount on all our reskin/ready for store services!

The (late) October Templates!

This month we had some issues and couldn’t deliver in time. We know many of you count on the prompt release of our templates for your business, and we’re sincerely sorry. Unfortunately we had serious troubles in our offices, and only now we’re able to properly connect again (it’s already hard with a 1MB upload bandwidth, imagine it with the connection breaking up every second).
To make up for it, we’re going to release an additional template early in November, 4 Pics 1 Word.

But without further delays, here’s our 2 new templates: The Four and Impossible Rush.

Both are now available to all Members, and they’ll be available to everyone the 6th of November.
By becoming a Member, you can get all our 20 source codes, adsLib v2, and a 25% discount on all our services to help you boost your business with high quality reskins! Become a Member now!

Make Them Fight V1.0 Available to Members!


Our first new source code of October 2014, Make Them Fight, is now available to all our members!
Check out the video above to see all its features!

This template will be available to all users for purchase starting the 25th of October 2014. Our Members can get it immediately for free within their membership, as part of the 3-days early access benefit.
Become a Member now and get 18 full game source code, 1 Corona SDK Library and a 25% discount on all our reskin and ready for store services, for less than 6$ for each template!

New round of Source Code updates!

Little by little, we’re moving all our templates to Composer, adding Remove Ads and Restore iAP to all of them, plus a few more specific features for some specific ones.

This time it’s the turn of 2048 and Advanced Run & Jump.

The 2048 Template now includes a “you won” screen that appears when the user reaches a particular tile (default is the 2048 tile). You can also specify different grids for your users to play with. At each new game, your users will be prompt to choose one, and each one has its own online leaderboard. It was also brought to Composer, and includes the Remove Ads and Restore iAP features. It now also supports images for the tiles out of the box!

The Advanced Run & Jump Template now benefits from a cleaner and more organized solution for spritesheets. We included a folder with the single png for each sheet which should make it way easier to reskin. Also, it was ported to Composer, includes Remove Ads and Restore iAP, and infinite unlockable characters! You can set an unlimited amount of characters to be unlocked with coins, directly purchasable in the shop page. Each character has it’s own menu and game over animations as well. You can also activate a second jump option directly in the code. You can allow for 2, 3, 4, unlimited multiple jumps by just changing 1 variable.

Both templates now benefit of the latest update of adsLib. Talking about adsLib, a new version is out, that fixes a few bugs encountered by some of you! A specific changeLog is included in the downloadable package.

Here’s a few videos of the updates: