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  • Complete Access To ALL our Libraries
  • 1 new Source Code GUARANTEED each month
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  • Access To Any New Content on our Website
  • Premium Technical Support
  • No Yearly Fees
  • 4 FULL reskins of your choice delivered within 2 weeks
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure? We got it covered.

Just 99€? Usually I can buy around 1 source code for that price.

If you’re worried that the price is based on the quality, don’t be. We wouldn’t offer a 10 day money-back refund if we didn’t believe ours to be the top source codes in the market. The mobile market is always growing, but so is competition. Thousands of apps are released every day and to stand out you need top-notch visuals, even a marketing strategy. By cutting down the costs of the code, you’re able to invest where it matters the most, increasing your chances of success. And if you’re happy, we are.

Where will I download the source codes?

Once you’ve joined us, you’ll find ALL download links in your My Account page, right in our website.

What is your refund policy?

We offer refunds within 10 days of your purchase, as long as you haven’t yet published any source code, and that you have NOT downloaded more than 3 available source codes (you will also lose the license to publish any one of them). If you’ve found an issue, a bug, or something that you think doesn’t work as advertised, just send us an email and if we can’t help you and fix it, we’ll refund you right away. We want to build a happy and excited community and if you don’t feel that way about our products, we won’t force you to stay with us. If you are a returning customer whom already asked for a refund before, you won’t be eligible for a refund again.

**Money back guarantee does not apply in case of special promotions, discounts or coupons used for any of the packages.

Are the source codes native or built around a specific SDK?

Currently, all our source codes are built for Corona SDK (http://www.coronalabs.com). Completely FREE to download, use, and to publish your apps to Android, iOS and, with a bit of work, even Windows Phone 8. It powers quite a few top charting apps and, especially if you’re new to mobile development, you’ll find it’s quite a lot easier to understand and use (so that you can spend more time polishing your games rather than arguing with your computer ;).

How many times can I publish each source code?

An infinite amount of time. You can publish the same source code (reskinned of course) 1, 5, 10, 100 times, it’s completely up to you.

Can I use your source codes for my clients?

Yes. You can build games for your clients out of them, even just simple reskins. The only thing you can’t do is sell our source codes on websites or to multiple people.

What's reskinning?

Reskinning defines the process of changing all the graphic assets (aka the images) of the source code so that you have a whole new game every time. Say you have a run and jump source code. You could change the character to a knight, fighting hordes of orcs and other monsters, or to a pony, jumping around to catch butterflies and eat rainbows. Same game, aimed at 2 completely different targets.

How long does it take for you to do a reskin?

The average time is 48 hours, but it depends on your feedback. We strive to do everything in as little time as possible, so that you can begin monetizing right away.

Can I use the graphic assets that come with the source codes?

No. Either way, we strongly advise against it. Your reskin, to be effective, should revolve around a specific niche or concept, standing out from the crowd. If we allowed it and everyone would launch the source codes as they are, not only they wouldn’t perform well, but the stores would be flooded by straight out clones.
We encourage you to build around them though, modifying them and playing with them to make new original assets.

Which payment methods do you accept?

For now, only Paypal. Paypal itself supports credit cards, bank transfers and a ton of other options, and registering to it is completely free. Plus, it gets you covered against frauds, not that you’ll need it with us, but we want you to be protected ;)

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You will lose access to the download page but you can still use each and every source code you’ve downloaded while you were with us. We’re working so that when you cancel, you’ll still be able to download each product until the year you’ve paid for ends, but for now, please refrain from interrupting the subscription before it ends. If you’re worried that you’ll forget about it, don’t. Not only we will remind you that your subscription is expiring, but if you send us an email pointing out your mistake, we will completely refund you.

Can you add new features to a source code, or do the reskin for us?

Absolutely. We offer code and art services upon request, just send us an email to get a quote.

Can I buy a single source code? What's the difference from subscribing?

You can buy a single source code. The main difference is that you get a lifetime access to it. It won’t expire, you won’t have to buy it again. We believe though that the 99€ per year entry price is much more convenient.

Which ads providers do your codes support?

Basically all the providers supported by the Corona SDK. These include (but are not limited to): Chartboost, RevMob, AdMob, iAds, TapforTap, inMobi, InnerActive, Vungle, adBuddiz. Where supported, we have banner, interstitials and video ads.

Is there a support forum?

Not yet, but it’ll be there soon.

Does each source code come with a documentation?

Yes, each source code has its own documentation, which explains how to modify it to fit your needs and also links to a few guides to set it up correctly and upload it.

What monetization options are included in each source code?

All source codes come with ads and in-App Purchase. Some just include a Remove Ads option, where others have full in-game shops with coins that can be purchased for real money.

Any Other Question?

We’ll get back to you within 24h.

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