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Product Description

The Flappy Fall Template reproduces another addicting and successful take on Flappy Bird!
This time the birds are raining down! Don’t let them hit the ground, move the nest left or right to catch them all in time! Each wave of birds will require reflexes and concentration, it gets harder every time!

-Catch all the birds with an addicting one touch gameplay.
-Each wave of birds increase the difficulty of the game.
-Set as many medals as you want to reward your users.
-Don’t let those birds hit the ground!

Can it be customized?

You can change everything, including the amount of birds for each wave and their speed, to make the game harder or easier at will.

-Set gravity, frequency and randomness of each bird wave to make the game harder or easier.
-Implement new medals and specify the score at which they’re awarded.
-Modify the length of each wave and choose the increments from one wave to the other.
-Rate button, online leaderboards and social share will make sure that your game goes viral!

It also comes with a detailed documentation, explaining each and every parameter and with specific guides to get every service (game center, facebook, twitter and more) up and running in a matter of minutes!

Is it a full game ready for the stores?

The Flappy Fall Template comes ready to hit the stores, with ads, social share, online and local leaderboards.

-Ads mediation, supporting Chartboost (Gremlin Interactive plugin can also be used), PlayHaven (Upsight), RevMob, AdMob, iAds, TapforTap, inMobi, InnerActive, Vungle, adBuddiz, . You can choose to rotate different ads providers, randomize them, or even use all 11 of them!
-Remove Ads option! Change 1 variable to support, or not, a remove ads option through in-App Purchase*

-Online Leaderboards through Game Center and Google Play Game Services.
-Share the highscore through Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text.
-Deploy to iTunes iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and Samsung App Store.

What’s Corona SDK?

This source code requires Corona SDK (http://www.coronalabs.com), one of the most powerful and flexible 2D game engine.
It can be deployed to iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and Samsung App Store, and fully supports all devices resolution.
Corona SDK makes use of Lua, an industry standard scripting language. It’s easier to write and, more importantly, easier to read. Say goodbye to xCode, Eclipse, and tens of files, folders and libraries.
Studying the code and reskinning it takes 1/10th of the time, and so does adding custom features to it. Compared to native development, code for Corona SDK can be wrote up to 10 times faster, saving money and delivering updates as quick as possible to your users.

The Flappy Fall Template can be built using a Corona Starter Subscription (completely free to use).
*in-App Purchase features requires Corona SDK Basic subscription or higher

1 review for Flappy Fall Template

  1. Tosaphon
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Awesome! Very Clean Code and Easy to Reskin :)

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